Ladiesphere is a blog where opinions matter, where our words count and we can share our numerous thoughts, opinions and experiences about Love, Relationships, Marriage, Pregnancy & Delivery, Parenting, Makeup & Beauty Tips, Food Recipes, News, Career e.t.c. and find a community of peers.

My name is Odunola and like every other human on earth I have had several experiences (both good and bad), met a lot of people and above all learnt a lot in the course of my life. 

All these birthed Ladiesphere. Its more than a blog, its a platform where experiences can be shared, opinions aired, advise shared, challenges solved and where people can learn from various life experiences.

I am an intuitive individual, very imaginative, open-minded and curiousI am enthusiastic and success driven. I love love love God and I live to serve him all my days (so help me God) 

I discovered my love for writing somewhat late but hey...its better late than never right?!

I love to gist! I love sharing ideas, experiences, stories and I love teaching (when your mama is a teacher :) ).

I can always be counted on to listen, share your burdens and provide a shoulder to lean on so if you have experiences you want to share please contact ladiesphere@gmail.com