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It was Children's day and I decided to flow with the tides and take our little S out to play.

On one hand I was concerned about traffic congestion and on the other hand I wanted an indoor play house just in case it rained (since the rains come at will these days).

So we set out (a larger crew that included my sisters) and thankfully we found somewhere on Agidingbi (Lagos, Nigeria) - MegaChicken (this is not an advert 😋). They had a bouncing castle, a play house and some pony ride and I was grateful for the sanity in there. 

Little did I know I was in dreamland as she refused to get on any of these things. She cried, wailed, screamed, did all sorts and I had paid o. After about 20 minutes of cajoling her she calmed down and I went into the play house with her, stayed for a bit and I sneaked out. Few minutes down the line I saw another dimension of our little S. She loosened up, played, and had so much fun (sadly my phone went bunkers so no cool pictures).

Fast-forward to 1 hour later, it was time to go and she vehemently refused to come with me. She threw all possible tantrums that some people thought I wanted to kidnap her. I had to bribe her with a horse ride.

After about 15 minutes on the ride she finally had her fill and we left. It was truly a fun children's day for her.

However, in the middle of the drama I saw numerous children and something struck me.

These children especially the girls looked nice in their bum shorts, mini dresses, backless tops and co. and of course if you ask many mothers they saw nothing wrong with those clothes.

But I have a question...If your daughter can wear tight bum shorts, mini skirt and co. at a tender age, what moral justification do you have to tell her few years down the line that she can no longer wear those clothes? Clothes she grew up with and loved to wear? Common! She would rebel! 

Why do we hide under the guise of civilization to encourage indecency? Children have the most beautiful clothes and can get away with anything because they are cute. Ball dresses that teenagers refuse to wear look amazing on younger kids. 

Times have truly changed. When I was younger I wore ball dresses till I was a teenager and I dared not argue with my mum. Bum shorts, mini skirts (I never smelt them, talk less of putting them on).

This is not to say teenagers should wear ball dresses o (cos even I wont do that to our little S 😉😉 plus she cries each time she has to wear one of those heavy ball dresses), but please let's raise our children to dress decently from their tender ages. I am not giving a list of do's and dont's here, neither am I specifying what to wear or what not to wear. 

I am just a strong advocate of decent/modest dressing.

Even the Bible says it " Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are." (1 Corinthians 3: 16-17)

Your dress and appearance shows how precious your body is to you. Dress modestly and ensure you buy modest clothes for your kids such that modest dressing becomes their "way of life". Don't use special occasions as excuses to dress immodestly. 

This is one of the many seeds you would sow into your children's lives and its important we sow the right seeds especially because of the level of moral decadence in our society today. May God in his infinite mercies help us all. (Amen)

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  1. Nice write up Odun! The trend is unbecoming,it's our responsibility as parents to dress our kids decently.

  2. Thank you Odun, you just spoke my mind. The other day i was admiring a friends daughters traditional outfit until i saw the back of the pretty dress....backless. I pulled a joke that she was wearing a backless dress, and then i get response that grandma made the dress for her. I was too shocked to comment further as even older generation condone this.

    I remember growing up, mum would not allow me to wear anything that is above knee level. All those cloths from obodo oyinbo sent by family/friends got given out automatically if they don't meet certain criteria. It's amazing how we have given all that up in our generation and practically anything goes all in the name of fashion.


  3. ...this is a nail on the head. Parents should also remember that little children are mirrors of their parent's values.


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