Have you felt like quitting (2)

I know that I have felt like giving up at least once in my marriage. We all need encouragement!  Some may be considering divorce others just need empathy and yet another group needs to hear the experiences of other women and learn from them.

In the last post, I asked a few women how they handled major downtime in their marriage, click here to view it. 

The responses are encouraging and would certainly give hope to some wives out there. Please don’t give up on your marriage. Settle it on your knees. God is still in the business of answering prayers.

So, we continue from where we stopped.

Have you ever reached a point when you felt like quitting your marriage? How did you handle it?

Seriously speaking for the past 11 years I have never had any reason to think of quitting, rather thinking of how it can get better.                       
Showing that you care irrespective of the situation. Always trust your spouse because that's the bed rock to a lasting home. Never allow your kids take his place as your better part. Women also need to listen more and talk less.
Mrs E.O (I call her sisi J)

Oh wow!...
It's a very touchy subject and a lot of women are shamed of speaking about it.
Personally, as far as there's no domestic violence, then it can be worked on...emotional violence is also a silent killer and leads to depression and loss of self-worth.
In all, I would advise for people to look deep within and if the cons outweigh the pros, then it's time to take your bags and move.
Marriage itself is not to be managed always...there should be some slacks and many moments of "enjoyment" or bliss (for lack of a better description).
I am a Christian but DO NOT subscribe to living in pains all because of the church, or what people will say or seeming moral values.
Only the living praise God and takes care of a home.
Mrs O.

Hmmm.... I believe the best way to handle all situations is on your knees with absolute faith. Also as a Catholic, I would naturally say divorce is not an option except in the exceptions as provided by the Church.
I also advise that common sense should prevail in cases where the defaulting partner has never or is no longer reasoning along sane lines....
Mrs N.O

The earlier stage of my marriage, waiting upon God for the fruit of the womb, both parents were Muslims, we are Christians. Pressures from both sides. I felt my husband was not taking the issue serious. He was always saying don't worry the Lord is able to do it. Though he was more matured in faith.                       
Counseling, and more involvement in church activities to some extent kept my mind off the issue at hand. Three years later, God did it!                    
A successful marriage and a happy home is not just a wish but you must be determined, be very prayerful, settle with God on your knees, trust God and you can't take away submission from the ingredients / materials you need to build a happy home. Prov 31:12, 1 Peter 3:4-5, Eph 5:22.
Mrs A.B.

For some of us, this is the encouragement we need, however there are some challenges that go beyond this. If you are in a physically abusive marriage please don’t keep quiet!

Some might say I will endure because of my children.

Guess what? Only the living can take care of these children!

Don’t let him kill you or damage part of your body before you speak out. Seek professional help. If you are in Lagos there is a toll-free line you can call to report this. A Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team exists under the Lagos State Ministry of Justice. They will come to your aid. You can also seek counselling in your local church and marriage counselors. Ensure you seek help from qualified professionals.

It’s a wrap…

Thank you for staying tuned.
I will be writing about in-laws soon. Please watch this space. 

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