Are you FINE?

News about the medical doctor who jumped into the Lagoon on Sunday 19th March, 2017 has been trending online and in prints. The Lagos State Emergency Management Agency and the Marine Police have been on the search for his body which was finally found today. 

Further investigation however revealed that the 35 year old doctor was a happy young man who loved his job and was the favorite of most patients in Mount Sinai hospital where he worked. He also had marriage in the pipeline according to his mum.

According to our standards in this part of the world, he was a successful man. He had an SUV, a driver and lived in Yaba which at least means he was relatively comfortable. He had a great career most of our parents wanted for us right from when we were born. To crown it all he was an extrovert according to people who knew him. 

What went wrong?! 

He received a phone call and that was it! He asked his driver to pull over and then he hopped down and plunged into the Lagoon!

This man was most likely depressed. Unfortunately no one knows what exactly went wrong with him.

24 hours later another woman plunged into the Lagoon in Maza Maza area of Lagos State.  

These people seemed fine to everyone, no one knew what was wrong with them. 

Depression is real!

A lot of Nigerians believe depression is a "white-man sickness"....

Hello? It is not! 

It can happen to anyone! 

We are all so busy with our lives and we forget our friends. I am guilty of this too.

We forget that fulfilling destiny also includes how many lives we are able to touch/impact positively. 

When people summon the courage to open up to us do we listen genuinely and lend a helping hand, or do we listen and make that our next gossip topic among our other bubbling friends?

This happens in churches a lot, when some members of the congregation confide in leaders, they hear their story mentioned during service like "a sister in this church visited me yesterday and said her husband was cheating on her bla bla". If you were that sister I can bet your heart will skip a beat. 

That's it! that sister would never want to share issues with anyone again. She would rather bottle them up which in turn leads to depression.

A friend once said "behind every extrovert, there might be a depressed soul". 

People feel disconnected from life, they feel like the walls are closing in on them, they feel like they will implode because they have bottled up so many things, even worse for extroverts, people think they have it all together because of their personalities.

Please make it a point of duty to provide a shoulder to that neighbor/friend/colleague that doesn't talk much, and to the one that is the life-of-the-party. 

Be friendly, be kind, that good morning smile can make somebody's day.

Watch this space for "true life stories" on the "Are you fine?" series. 

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  1. Wow..."We forget that fulfilling destiny also includes how many lives we are able to touch/impact positively" this greatly stroke me...Nice piece Sis....


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