My encounter with Tricksters in Lagos (1)

Thank you for all your comments on my last post for my 7-star General.

Today I will be sharing my sister's story with you all (as is my default setting).

I have heard stories of people being hypnotized but I never thought it would happen to someone I know, let alone me or my sister.

Please read every word and you will be amazed at how these guys operate and how extremely daft they are. Its just unfortunate that one can't tell who they are easily. 

My name is Boluwatife, I am 18 years old and a 200 level law student of Obafemi Awolowo University. As we all know OAU has been on strike for a while now so I had to come back home in Lagos. I got bored staying home alone with my parents in Alagbado so I decided to go spend some time with my elder sister in Magodo who by the way has a daughter that is so adorable...Stacey boo boo. Before now,  I never thought I could be hypnotized or 'jazzed' as we generally call it. Whew! Here I am telling my story.

On the 13th of June 2016, exactly a week after my 18th birthday,  I had to run an errand for my sister just within Magodo phase 2 Estate, Alhaji Jubril Liadi street precisely. About 12 noon I was done with this errand and walked to Grandview inside the Estate to get a shuttle back home. I waited for a few minutes and there was no shuttle in sight....I should have just walked back home. Suddenly a taxi pulled over in front of me and asked if I knew "Ebony Eye Hospital" and I responded "No I don't" (That was my biggest mistake). I shouldn't have responded.

I crossed over to the other side of the road and this same taxi turned round and pulled over beside me again. The man at the back seat asked if I knew a bureau de change, I replied again in the negative then he said he'll go out of the Estate to look for one.  The taxi driver then asked if i was going to the Estate gate and I said yes. He said he would drop me off at the gate for #50. This was unusually and surprisingly cheap but I just found that I couldn't object and got into the taxi. As soon as I got in,  the guy who asked me for the directions to the hospital and the bureau de change said he had some money he needed to change to Naira and since he came to Nigeria,  people had duped him severally especially taxi drivers once they discover that he had dollars that he needed to change to Naira . I pitied him and said there was one at the mall in Ikeja.  He said he didn't trust the taxi driver and was even almost crying, again I found myself wanting to help him. Little did I know that I was in for it.

The guy said he is a Senegalese (he spoke in a funny way that suggested that he wasn't Nigerian), he was into Cocoa and Palm Oil business and he did some transactions with a Nigerian woman to the tune of $46,000 and she told him to come to the 'Ebony Eye Hospital' for his money. I checked google map and found out the place didn't exist so I told him there is no such place. 

He felt (or acted) really sad after realizing the woman had duped him. He started crying and lamenting about how Nigerians are wicked and dubious. Honestly, I felt sorry for him. 
First it was a couple of $100 to some cab men, and now its $46000. 

He said he needed to get his bag which contained more money from his reverend sister friend at a convent on Jobi-Fele way, Alausa. He stopped at Regency hall and went in for a while, he came out of the hall after a few minutes and said he wanted to change all the money in his bag to Naira to avoid issues with spending money in Lagos. I attended a wedding last year at Regency hall and it was nothing like a convent so I was quite amazed when he said it was a convent (honestly the story made no sense but I found myself nodding and saying okay).

He again said he had to go get some "negative money" in his hotel room (he said one galas hotel or so in Ikeja, only God knows if the place truly exists) and a chemical to wash the money so it would be real. He also said he'll give the driver and I #64m each for being kind to him. 

The taxi driver thanked the man continuously but I was dazed! 64 what? Immediately I told him I wasn't interested in the money. He said my parents must be very rich as it seemed like the 64m was not a big deal to me. I told him they provide whatever I need and that's enough for me. 

He said he was scared that I would report him to the police or armed robbers because of th supposed money he had. He then made take an oath. He asked for my religion and I said Christianity so he brought one very tattered old testament bible and said some things I don't know then said I have taken an oath to never tell anyone what had happened and  if I did then I and my family would die (this got me really scared and they obviously saw the fear in my eyes).  I am very scared of oaths and  I told him we needed to break it immediately. He said he could but the ring to break the oath was in his hotel room.  

On the way to Industrial Estate in Fagba to get the chemical, the Senegalese said a bottle of the chemical costs $2000 and he had $1700 with him. He asked me if I had $300 and ofcourse I said NO!  The driver quickly suggested that he could drop his driver's license as a collateral for the balance payment. 

When we got to the so called Industrial Estate we parked beside a building which was the supposed chemical factory. The Senegalese asked the driver to go and get the chemical since he was the one with the license that will be used as a collateral (I should have known he was an accomplice). 

I had no clue my ordeal with them had only just begun!


  1. This is really scary. I have goose bumps already...God protect us all...Please when will the second part be published ooooo?


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