My encounter with Tricksters (2)

.......I had no clue my ordeal with them had only just begun!

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While waiting for the driver, he asked me about my parents, their occupation and all. I just kept giving him answers (I was scared but I couldn't challenge him). After a while, The driver finally came back with the supposed chemical to pour on the "negative money".

He came back with another story of course, said the chemical had to be diluted before use and he was given the contact details of someone to dilute the chemical. The call was made and  the man said he'll be with us soon. Few minutes later some guy came and introduced himself as Alfred (am sure that's not his real name, he must have lied) and asked what the chemical was meant for. 

The taxi driver said that it was for the printing of church tracts (yet another lie). I was silent all through. The third guy(Alfred) said he didn't believe as he was into fortune telling and would confirm if they lied or not. He suddenly started speaking some strange language and narrated all that happened before we met him and that the guys had lied about the chemical.  At this point I was scared that he might take us to the police.

He went further to say we had taken a very dangerous oath and we had to break it immediately so he would help us. He grabbed my hand and held me firmly, squeezed a rosary in my hand and said some weird things then asked me for my name, who my parents are, their occupation,  how much I had,  if I had seen #64m before,  and the highest amount I had ever seen. He also said he could see somethings about my family.  

He said he knows my mum keeps gold in a box full of cotton wool, and I said yes (who doesn't?). He said there is an old woman in my village who was holding unto my "stars" and won't let me succeed. He made a foolish illustration but I was just incapable, I couldn't object to all that was going on.  He said and I quote "does your soap fall down when you are having your bath?" I answered yes again, and he said " each time that happens and you bend down to pick the soap, you are worshiping the old woman in your village". I was so scared, I was really really fidgeting. Tears had started rolling down and he said that I must not cry as it would blur his vision about me. 

He said he could break the oath but I had to bring all the gold in my house and any foreign currency I have at home and I mustn't forget anything at home else the house would catch fire.  I told him I was with my sister for the holidays and he said to go to my sister's house instead. 

They dropped me off at Marwa Gardens and I just went home and took all the available jewelry at home including my sister's gold engagement ring.

Sadly I went back to meet them at Balogun, Ikeja and gave them all the jewelry. They took the gold ring(unknown to me, they stylishly took it) and returned the others saying there was no spirit of gold in them and so I had to go to my parents house to get real gold. He said when I get home my sister's ring wouldn't be where it was again ( I was too scared to figure out what had just happened)

I told them that I couldn't go to my parents right away and it was till Sunday (6 days after). The man, Alfred, said he'll do something to keep the oath till that Sunday so I wouldn't die. I was relieved on hearing I won't die but I still did not know how I was going to get the gold from my parents house without their knowledge, and I was told I could not tell them else they will all die.  I got home and didn't find the ring. I called him and he said it was the spirit of gold that made the ring disappear, that it would reappear on Sunday. 

I was so uneasy, I was so scared and withdrawn. My sister's help kept asking what was wrong but I told her I was fine. Even my Stacey was crying when she saw that I was sad and won't play with her.  My sister got back from work and noticed my sour mood. She tried severally to cheer me up but I just faked some cheerfulness to get her to leave me alone.

I couldn't sleep at night as I was so worried because the guy said he would call me everyday for one week and I could not disclose it to anyone.  My sister woke up and saw I wasn't asleep so she asked me what was wrong, I couldn't tell her because I was so scared. I burst into tears saying I'll die if I talked.  She also got very scared and begged me to talk, praying and quoting Bible scriptures that I shall not die but I refused to talk except I got to the church and have pastors pray for me (the so much fear they had instilled inside of me).

I eventually tearfully told my story to my family and the pastor and he prayed for me. 

It was all planned, and they clearly stole the ring from me. I felt so terrible! 

I changed my sim card and cut ties immediately but I was scared to go out for a while and stayed indoors. 

I was clearly hypnotized because no one in his right mind would hear all they said and believe a word. 

I am grateful to God that all through the 4-hour drive back and forth, I wasn't raped, beaten, kidnapped or even killed. 

Its difficult to tell who they are but right now....I can't give descriptions to anyone until further notice.

It's  a wrap people. 

Please let's all be very careful! The key is not to grant audience to strangers. 

Kids are on holiday now, please don't send them on errands without an adult.
Teach them not to talk to strangers.

May God continually order our steps and direct our paths. (Amen)

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