Prophetic Motherhood

God bless my dear friend  Arounke Feyi-Emmanuel for sending me the invite to the "Prophetic Motherhood" prayer luncheon by the Deborah Initiative for Woman. 

Was I blessed? Yes!!! I was more than blessed! "I never experrerit". From the prayer sessions to worship and to the word by Pastor Dotun Arifalo.

I asked myself..." why haven't I been a part of this? " Its never late, I'm glad I was a part of this and I'm so not missing subsequent programs.

I met loads of women there, even saw an old friend Anwuli Ngene. ( It was so good to see you again after thirteen years).

I literally wrote down everything Pastor Dotun said that day....I was so charged in my spirit! ( I am still charged up o, don't get it twisted..)

So I thought, I certainly wouldn't write these things down for myself alone, I have a community of peers I can and should share these with....As is my default setting...I shall share with you.

# Every woman is a prophet, Its actually the prophetic anointing that makes you a woman.

# A woman can be a wife or a knife; when a woman's heart closes up, everything shuts down in the man's life thus guard your heart diligently. Jer 1v10.

# As a woman, you have a multidimensional grace, you are a king maker! You are a King yourself! The words of your mouth is the sceptre of your position as a king.   

# For my single sisters, please enjoy being single and empower yourself to make the right decisions. The best gift you can give yourself is the gift of the right man.

# "Mummy ministry" is not your only ministry, you are a custodian of destiny. You have to raise yourself as you raise your kids, mentor your children. If you want to raise men and women of destiny then you yourself have to fulfill destiny. Don't have kids and loose yourself....Be on fleek babe! (my addition).

# If you can't pray how do you raise praying children? You have to be strong, you shouldn't just cry each time something goes wrong else you will raise weeping kids (this made me laugh though).

I remember her giving an example of her 8 or 9 year old daughter who is already writing a book and in my mind I was like woooow! just when I thought I had raised the bar quite high for Stacey......I am sure you want to know what...So hubby and I had said by age 7 Stacey would actually do us power point presentations and write a justification for stuff she wants....loool...maybe not that bad sha but I am sure you get the gist...

Oh before I forget this part.....Its okay to get help, you can't do it all by yourself. Leverage on the opportunities and help around you. Nobody attains destiny alone. If you cook, clean, wash, take care of the kids, go to would be tired when hubby needs some TLC....why not just outsource the cleaning and co. so you can spend quality time with these kids and always give hubby his TLC on a you want hubby to help you outsource that part? (lailai).

# The stuff you put in your kids is the stuff they will produce. You shouldn't just birth kids, you should birth ideas, businesses, nations......make an impact, leave a legacy for your kids. sometimes when I hear someone has issues with their mother inlaw...its because you don' t have a job! Make your kids look forward to visiting you every Christmas because every visit attracts a super gift...e.g. a land in banana island, a cheque with a huge amount e.t.c.  But seriously just why wouldn't the kids visit you?. This is not to say the kids are not doing very well but am sure you get the gist

# Our parents gave birth to us and many of us just grew up, we weren't raised but we should raise our kids. Our lives should be examples to our kids.

I could go on and on....I hope the CD for this program will be published for sale cause this doesn't even do justice to the heavy words from this amazing woman of God.....

I almost forgot to add...there was even a party for the kids.......It was an awesome program...Thank you again Arounke....God bless you, God bless "DIW", God bless the amazing speakers and the President DIW Debola Deji-Kurunmi!