The Proposal

Its 10 days to valentines day and you would agree with me that love is in the air ;).

I thought to myself that there is no better time to share this with my beloved readers than now.

I know some brothers are planning a proposal, some are nursing the thoughts and others are still clueless.

Whichever category you fall in, I am sure my story will inspire you to take the bold step in a super duper dramatic way that would send shivers down her spine and make some jealous :D.

The ODUNBOLA journey started in 2012. We met through our beloved friend Unity Mcdubus now Nwanze. I will tell you guys the story some other time, lets focus on the proposal.

It was our dear Unity's wedding and as her friend I was with her at home from the day before plus I was to do her makeup so I had to be there. While gisting the night before the wedding, she called me aside and literally begged that I catch her bouquet cause it was very expensive and she needed to keep it bla bla bla, as a good friend I said why not? If I have to hustle to catch the bouquet I will.

So the wedding day came and of course husband and wife were joined in holy matrimony in church after which we moved to the reception.

I sat with Bola at the reception and next thing he said he invited a friend for the wedding, in my mind I was like "bros how far now". He stepped out to bring his friend into the venue and there was a suspicious back and forth but I didn't pay that much attention cause I was attending to some guests. When he got back he said he was going to anchor the "bouquet toss" and I didn't object cause he was MC at a few weddings and he did great!

He stepped out and called all single ladies, I knew I had a bouquet to catch so I strategically positioned myself at the extreme left and while others were dancing I just moved left and right. Unity had seen me so she tossed the bouquet directly at me and I jumped at it. Some people in the crowd shouted 'ojoro ojoro'. The other ladies went back to their seats and I was left alone with Bola, I suddenly became so shy and started fiddling with the bouquet. He asked for my name like he didn't know me and I responded like nothing too....Someone from the crowd shouted "she's your girlfriend".

Suddenly I heard him say and I quote "when I was growing up, my late father told me that I should always go for the best things in life, and I have tried as much as possible, I went to the best school Obafemi Awolowo University, I work with one of the best consulting companies in the world, but with all of these I haven't been able to fulfill my promise, I will only fulfill it if Odunola will marry me" then he went on one knee and our song "At last" by Etta James was playing in the background. This song is so amazing you can listen to it here

I was literally floating. What?! The "expensive" bouquet fell from my hand. So this was planned by Unity & Bola.

You can watch the video here

It was an amazing experience, Yes Yes and Yes I will say over and over again.

Who said Nigerian men are not romantic? 

I hope this inspires you to take the bold step guys.


  1. Waoh!!! This is so cooooolllll. Your husband is so creative and romantic. Kai. Yoruba boys repping since 500BC.
    I watched the video..hmnnn...Bola has vibes o...
    Congrats again Odunola and always a delight reading your posts.

  2. Awwwn cuz cuz.... this story never fails to amaze me. Still proud of Unc Bola and I'm patiently awaiting mine, lol.

    1. Motunrayo, eerrmm...don't worry guys of nowadays are more romantic than guys in my generation.....
      Secondly, you dont have to make everyone know I am very old far with Uncle Bola? Bola is okay jor

  3. ...and since am soo in touch with my tearglands...pour pour pour

  4. My brother be representing....May God continue to keep your family together in his love.

  5. hubby must read dis...he has to propose again....loooool

    1. Olori,
      Sure! He has to re-represent the brothers..
      By the way, did Odunola tell you I offer some consultancy services on proposing etc...and guess what? my fee is very affordable.

  6. Beautiful people !!! beautiful story!!!May God continually bless your home....

  7. Uncle Bola, biko send the addy, I need to come take lessons from you. #YouBeDBoss

  8. Eerrrmm...@OlaOluwa, you can sign-up for my monthly BootCamp. LoL

    1. You bet I will. Even if na daily I no mind as long as there are practical classes

  9. Jesusbolly!!!!!! Nice. So very nice


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