Our Little Princess (2)

Hello beautiful people, on the 21st January I solicited for your votes for Stacey to make the top 50 list in the Cussons baby moments competition.  

I am glad to tell you that she didn't just make top 50 but she actually made the top 20 list (check page 15 of Feb 15 2016 Punch newspaper). She wouldn't have come this far without your votes. Thank you very much.

We however still need your votes to make the top 10 list. 

Please click on this link www.cussonsbabymoments.com

Click on "View Gallery" (You will require your facebook login details to proceed)

Scroll down to her picture "Stacey Ireoluwa Bola-Adesope"

and Click on the "Vote" icon under her picture.

You can also click on this link https://cussonsbabymoments.com/details/593

This takes you directly to her picture. (you still need your facebook details to view it).

Here is her picture displayed on the Cussons baby moments picture gallery

Please Stacey needs your votes. 

Thank you as you cast them.