My dearest Oyinkansola

In less than 48 hours, this little sister of mine will be getting married and honestly it's still so hard to believe. If I still find it hard to believe, how come my mum is so excited that her daughter is going?....Guess I will understand when I get can't even begin to think that someone someday will come and take my little Stacey away from me...whew!

My dearest Oyinkansola Oluwadamilola, the bond we share is unmatched. You are my bestie! You are the strongest, bravest girl I know. No matter how tough things get you always always find the strength to move on. We have played together, laughed, cried, gossiped, name it. Even when I come up with the craziest things, you join me.  

I remember when Mum told us to wash our clothes and as soon as she left I came up with the silly idea of washing and not rinsing the clothes....of course you joined me, you always got my back.

I remember that day when we fought and I felt like I had won then you beat me with a pencil and I burst into tears....

I remember those times you would sit on my laps on our way home from school and people in the bus would say "do you want to break her legs?" and you would proudly say to them "she's my older sister"....

I don't have to try to make you understand where I am coming from, you just know!

You cheer me up no matter how silly my actions are (my cheerleader).

You have seen me at my worst and best and you love me anyway.

You believe in me 101% and that means the world to me ( I believe in you 200% ;) )

You never judge me, I could go on and on cause you are just an amazing creature, a blessing to all three of us and matter of fact to everyone that knows you.

You are the first to hear every new thing I learn.

Your memory is so massive that when I tell stories from our childhood and I miss anything, you would correct me.

I remember when we started Dunsoyn creations, it seemed like just a hobby but today it has metamorphosed into Minkstyles and your beaded jewelry designs are extra super beautiful.

Oyinkansola Onileke as you are fondly called by all of us, The world awaits your manifestation. 

As you take this next big step in your life, you will not fail nor fall.

My God will keep you, bless you, bestow upon you divine wisdom to keep your home.

Your marriage will flourish and blossom like trees planted by the rivers.

You will not know sorrow in your home..

I look forward to our kids bonding, sleep overs, holiday visits.....

I love you so so much Oyinkansola Oluwadamilola Majek-Owoo

Kunle....take care of my sister oooooooo


  1. Awwwww....Oyinkan I wish you all the blessings and fruitfulness marriage brings.

  2. Cool write-up.
    Interesting how Oyinkan has grown to become a big, brilliant, beautiful and black (well, she has always been black though, even from the day she was born) lady. I still remember the day she was born, how Odunola and I ran from Zaria to Kaduna with her stuffs, how she used to poop all over her body, how she sucked till she was like 2, how she used to dance and play in the rain, how she could finish one tin of cerelac in one day, how she dint stop wee-weeing aon the bed till she was like 6.......I could go on and on....
    Congrats as you become one with Mr Kunleshy Baba.....

  3. Thank God say I get sister sha else my mama for born 1 today. Congrats Oyin.

  4. Wow, this is really great. Congratulation to u dear oyinkansola not just for getting married but also for having such a nice and thoughtful sister

  5. @Olaoluwa, Thank God say me sef I get a sister.... I am able to connect with your beautiful sisterly experience. Congrats Oyinkansola. Your home is blessed in Jesus name.

  6. Nice write up always @ Odunola Bola Adesope and big congratulations to your dear sister...

  7. This is a good note. One I believe Oyinkan will smile over (and cherish). Wishing Oyinkansola a happy married life. Your home shall be a model for many homes.

  8. Congrats oyin! You are such a powerful woman. God bless your home.

  9. Wow Odun. ..this is so beautiful. Congrats Oyinkan, wish you and your hubby many beautiful years together.


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