Hello February

February is here! yay!

Its a great privilege to be alive on the first day of the second month in 2016.

The broke month is over..Due to the heavy spending during the festive period, January is generally a broke month but thank God its over :D.

Another attribute of January is the new year resolutions and new prayer requests/points. I am sure we all had various resolutions, here are some of the ones I heard and even made myself too ;)

  • Spend more time with family & friends
  • Be more focused
  • Be more patient and prayerful
  • Eat Healthy and Loose some weight
  • Add some weight ;)
  • Quit smoking/drinking
  • Quit womanizing
  • Enjoy life more
  • Learn something new
  • Get married this year (prayer request)
  • Be more helpful
  • Save more, spend less, invest more
  • Get a promotion at work
  • Break up with that guy/girl
  • Be more committed to God's work
  • Chase/follow your dreams
  • New job/house/car (prayer requests)
  • Stop gossiping
  • Smile more
  • Get out of debt
The list goes on but I would stop here.

Which ever one of these resolutions you made, you have to follow through and not let them go with January. Usually by February, things move back to normal and we start to forget the motivation behind the resolutions.

The motivation is from an inherent desire to be a better person than you were the previous year. You look at the year in retrospect, reiterate your mistakes and desire to be a much better person than you were while ensuring you do not make the same mistakes.

We are more likely to succeed if we break these resolutions into smaller goals that are specific, measurable and time-based.
Here are a few tips to achieving your new year resolutions

  • Avoid revisiting an old resolution especially one you did not successfully achieve. It sets you up for frustration.
  • Don't move with the crowd, think about what you want from life, because friend X is doing this, I have to also do it. We can't all be slim, variety is the spice of life, lets have some big, some small, some medium. Don't kill yourself because everyone wants to loose weight, just eat healthy and exercise regularly. What if you end up loosing so much weight and that certain brother has been drooling because you are big and beautiful?
  • Break your resolution into a series of steps. Create sub-goals that are measurable and time-based. If yours is to get a better job, you could have a sub-goal to get certified or take a professional course/exam in a certain field and put a time to it. This obviously would give you a competitive advantage.
  • Start already! Its easy to waste so much time thinking of all the possible challenges you would face while trying to achieve your resolution. Expect to revert to the old habits from time to time and treat each reversal as a temporary set back not a reason to give up completely.
  • Give yourself a small reward whenever you achieve a sub-goal.
  • Tell your friends and family about your goals as you are likely to get support and motivation from them. Be careful who you tell though. I did not say ideas o just your goals. If you intend to quit smoking/drinking/womanizing, this would help.

Determination and commitment are the keys to success. Remember the peak milk advert by Kanu Nwankwo and his son "So it was a big shock to me when the doctor said I will never play again but I was determined to never give up, so I worked harder to be even better" Funny as he sounded, I like the advert. You can watch it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?hl=en-GB&v=R30n-ot0Nbo&gl=NG

As we move further into the new year, lets not forget our amazing resolutions. Few drops of water make the mighty ocean so your baby steps towards achieving your goals will make an ocean someday. Just don't stop taking these steps. Don't let the motivation end with January, ask God for his grace to see you through and wisdom to know when to do what and what to do.

Have a great night peeps.


  1. Very good write up. We all need this every once in a while.
    Well done.

  2. I am inspired and fired up! Thanks Ladiesphere...

  3. I keep coming to this blog for updates, new articles and re-reads.
    Just one advice though, can we call it humansphere? As we have stuffs here for everybody,men,women,students,young,old etc. Definitely sharing this.


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