What you should know about Silent Treatment


Every couple disagrees but there are various ways to handle disagreements. Some healthy, others unhealthy. One major unhealthy way some people handle disagreements is the famous "Silent Treatment"

The Silent Treatment is a form of emotional and verbal abuse used as a controlling strategy. This strategy is very ineffective and hurts your marriage. It leaves your partner feeling insignificant, reviled, confused, hurt, name it.

Some spouses use it as a form of revenge. For example, a husband makes plans for the weekend without consulting his wife, and she gets very angry and calls him inconsiderate for not consulting her first so she decides to revenge by giving him the cold shoulder.

Others use it to manipulate their spouses. They simply use it to get what they want from their spouses. For example a husband wants to have his friends over for the weekend and the wife is not comfortable with the arrangement, he then completely ignores her in order to get her to do what he wants.

Worse still, it creates a gap between a couple cos they are living like strangers.

Practicing the silent treatment is a very bad habit which a lot of couples are guilty of and it places an unnecessary amount of physical and emotional stress on them. Matter of fact, it is considered a form of psychological abuse.

Everyone needs some alone time  no doubt and silence during these times are beneficial. The Bible says in Ecclesiastics 3 v 7 "a time to keep quiet and a time to speak". When the silence is used as a form of revenge or manipulation then its a problem.

As I said earlier, every couple has one form of disagreement or the other but please whatever happens "DO NOT LET THE SUN GO DOWN ON YOUR ANGER" Ephesians 4v26. 

Life is short, enjoy every moment with your spouse cos you can never get them back, you can only keep the memories. 

You know we can comfortably say the silent treatment is also "keeping malice".  I am very sure at one point or the other while we were growing up we have heard how bad malice keeping is. I am also sure that we will be or are currently teaching our kids the same thing. Please lets practise what we preach to our kids.

If you are in this situation, remember that two wrongs don't make a right. Do not give the same treatment back to your spouse. Be as kind as you possibly can, he or she will come around. 

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