Our Little Princess

Somewhere in between my last post I mentioned that I have a daughter who is so adorable you would want to eat her up..lol. Here she is, her name is Stacey. 

You have no idea how happy she makes me, you should search for Martina McBride's "In my daughter's eyes". I listened to the song almost everyday shortly after I had her.

I have learnt a gazillion more things since this little lady came, countless lessons as each day passes.

It has indeed been an amazing experience.

So we heard about the Cussons baby moments 3 and decided to enter our little princess for the competition. It requires that we get numerous votes for her picture and ensure she's among the top 50 babies so she can qualify for the next stage. Essentially we would need your votes to ensure she doesn't fall out of the required 50 babies. Voting ends on the 31st January which means we still have a few days to cast our votes.  

Please click on this link www.cussonsbabymoments.com

Click on "View Gallery" (You will require your facebook login details to proceed)

Scroll down to her picture "Stacey Ireoluwa Bola-Adesope"

and Click on the "Vote"icon under her picture.

Voila! you have casted your vote.

You can also click on this link https://cussonsbabymoments.com/details/593

This takes you directly to her picture. (you still need your facebook details to view it).

Here is the picture you will see

Please Stacey needs your votes.

Thank you as you cast them.

Watch out for my next post.