Guess whose birthday it is (1)


Yes Stacey is one today.

I'm grateful to God for the gift of life, for blessing us with this beautiful little lady. She has been more than a blessing to us.

Looking at the past one year in retrospect, Its been an amazing journey. This little lady has taught me another level of patience infact ehn not just patience but long 

I would let you in on the journey from 2014.

Immediately after the first trimester, I had some kind of amazing energy (I am especially grateful to God for this) so I was up and about, climbing stairs back and forth at work up to 20 times a day, taking very long walks, chores at home e.t.c. 
Regardless of this I decided to start my maternity leave two weeks before my due date because we had just moved into a new place and I needed to settle in properly. I went about my settling-in business like I wasn't even pregnant, got our baby's room ready, settled in properly with the help of my husband, sisters; Oyinkansola, Boluwatife (Blue), Toluwanimi and our friends Dipo Ologun and Ibilola Onamusi to mention a few. Thank you all very much. I remember Dipo saying "Odunola take it easy"countless times.

I just wanted to be ready before my due date. I wanted my hair done, finger nails well manicured and feet well pedicured. I didn't want to look scruffy at all. Do you blame me? Like every first time mum I had heard all sorts of stories about pregnancy and child birth and I knew there was no running away  so I was like I might as well go in looking

Oh lest I forget, I had some weird cravings! like agbalumo in the middle of the night, five alive berry blast, garden egg, fantastic yogurt e.t.c. Bola can tell you the others.

On this fateful day I was still feeling fly with myself and decided to attend my 3rd antenatal class ever and also see the doctor. I just wanted to tell him I had a few irregular contractions because I didn't want any matron telling me "madam you are not ready yet, its false labour". 

I got to the hospital with Blue at about 1pm and we waited in line for 30 minutes before I saw the doctor. He checked my last scan result and said "madam you might end up having a cesarean section because of your baby's weight" which was 3.9kg as at week 36. He then said to go for a check at the delivery ward.

I got in there, met a very mean looking doctor who hardly gave a response to my greeting. "Can I have your file?" he looked at it and said, "lie down", I did and he said again "spread your legs", I obeyed and the next thing I heard "where is your bag?". Dude, I came here for antenatal class not for delivery. I hadn't seen any of the signs we were taught in antenatal classes ( I was lucky to have been a part of that class so I was feeling like I knew what's up) thank God for Blue, she called Bola and he rushed home from Ikoyi only to discover he didn't have the keys to the house. He came to the hospital, went back home and rushed back to the hospital again between 1:50 and 4:00pm. By the way home is Magodo and hospital is at Gbagada, you can calculate the speed and distance (Speed = Distance/Time).

While this back and forth was going on the nurses had began preparations for delivery, the catheterization, enema, xyz. This was past 2pm already and I hadn't really eaten any food except a slice of bread and some cranberry juice which I woke up craving for that morning. Blue had to go find some food while I had the catheter on, sadly she didn't make it back before the enema so bottom line I didn't eat.

While I was waiting, I kept listening to and declaring the word, "in child bearing I will be safe". I had a few pregnancy declarations I listened to and prayed with.

Finally the water broke! Hallelujah I saw a sign :)

My husband came shortly after that at about 4pm and there was a back and forth before he was allowed to see me. He insisted and I was transferred to a room where I was the only one so he could be with me during the delivery. At this point I wasn't checking the time anymore because I had started having intense contractions, all I kept saying was "Jesus you are my strength".

The matron came in a few minutes later to check me, saw I had dilated 8cm and she said, "thank God you came today". She called her crew and said "she's ready". For some reason I don't know, the cesarean section option wasn't even considered ( God in action!).

The contraction became extra super intense but Bola just held my hands and kept calming me down "you can do this darling" he kept saying. At this point I prayed for him from the depth of my heart. Long story short, few minutes before 6pm on the 29th of January 2015, our baby girl arrived. 4.3kg! It can only be God!


  1. Happy Birthday Madam Stacey

  2. Happy birthday to you Stacey, please o cake......

  3. Anty Odun...this your headline sey who's* correct so???

  4. Oh my God! Your story sends chill all over me. The Wonders of motherhood!

  5. Oh My God. 4.3kg. Stacey is so B-I-G. And she will continue to be big in every area of her life in Jesus Name


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