Fibs our Employers tell us


Many of us have worked or are currently working and you would agree with me that some bosses are just horrible!

The workforce itself is made up of all sorts; The eye-service majors, the ass-kissers, the lazy lads, the victims, and the happy-go-lucky ones 

The eye-service majors don't give a rats ass about the boss, they have their JDs in their heads and form extra super busy when the boss is around. The boss likes these ones because he's happy seeing them work so hard. 

The ass-kissers can kiss anybody's ass as long as its available to be kissed no matter how smelly. eew!. We have a lot of people in this group in the labour force. This happens to be the only way to get a lot of things done in this part of the world. We have all had to kiss someone's ass at work, Yes? or Yes? ;) 

The lazy lads never ever stay long on a job. They always make foolish excuses that seem tenable to them but so dumb that the boss can tell with his ears shut that they are telling stories that touch the heart. They are the ones who would have three years work experience in seven or eight companies.

The victims are the ones that feel like the world is against them, they feel disrespected by everyone at work and always pick unnecessary fights and arguments with their colleagues. Basically, people always avoid these ones at work.

The happy-go-lucky ones do their jobs, try to be friends with everyone, kiss asses when they have to and learn as much as they can. These ones don't stay so long in an organization cos they are constantly looking for something better, both cash and career-wise.

Whichever category you fall into, we all have bosses that tell us fibs.. You don't believe me? keep reading

Lie #1 - We are grooming you for a management position so if you work hard you will be sitting behind this desk. Yeah right! He will retire and have you take over his company because you are his first are so in la-la land like Diddi of Diddi catering would say. 

Lie #2 - We didn't make any profit this year....Next thing he is going on a family vacation to London, California and the Bahamas for the whole of December.

Lie #3 - I detest liars and he's busy telling you a fib to go reel out to a customer you couldn't deliver to as promised. He definitely must detest himself too.

Lie #4 - You are a partner in progress... Guy are you on the board of directors list?

Lie #5 - You are like a son or daughter to me..really? why can't you pay for my masters abroad? or buy me a 2015 Ford Edge?

I am sure we can all relate with these lies.....lets hear from you too.

Good Night Peeps.

PS. I am so sorry I didn't post yesterday, I got into an "everlasting" meeting at work..8:30 am - 4pm...I almost quenched.


  1. My guy I know one victim also employers are actually not our friends but mutual interest bonds

  2. This is funny and true. The way you write Odunola, one just wants to always read. I have read every single article you wrote. Nice one. Well done

  3. Cool write up.
    You seem to have captured many scenarios in an intelligently subtle way.

  4. Nice write-up, this your everlasting meeting.........hope you have recovered fully?

  5. lol!!!!!!!!!������


  6. Eerm... I don't totally agree to these. For example, lie 2; because the boss has a comfortable life does not mean the organization is growing. I have worked close to management in recent times and it soooo different from the other side. Employees tend to think "management" is all having a great time even though there are definitely bad managements but then, employees should think about how much personal funds management used to start the company, rent a space, pay salaries despite sales and so its good we put it in perspective.


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